So if you were in attendance at the A Brony Tale After Party yesterday, we made sure to mix some of our own party favors. The previous selection was made of stickers and shampoo, so yeah pony cards are good!


The final release of the new My Little Pony Trading Card game is here by Enterplay. Here are the things that one can expect if you are going to one of the organized events in some game shops around the country.

Really a nice spread of stuff all to help you get right into playing.

Note that you will get a pick of one of two starter decks. One featuring Rarity and Rainbowdash and one with Twilight and Fluttershy. Two booster packs also available with your deck and rulebook and play mat. Also expect extra free handouts if you stay to play the game in the shops.

That is all for now, happy gaming!


You wanted new cards?! Now you getting new cards!


So there has been comments made that people would like to have language packs cause of their native language is not English. We understand that and if we can now more than ever want to help. Though we need your suggestions.

We currently have a list of languages that people want and we are taking in more so long as people are making it known which they would like.

Make a note on this post or follow the link to the Reddit Thread to make your suggestion.


So there is this awesome event being hosted by the staff of Big Apple Ponycon. It will take place in the magical place of New Jersey in Jersey City. Hosted at the grand Landmark Loews Theater.

This event is happening on the 8th of December, that is the end of this week. Though right now! They are offering buttons bags and other goodies for those who reserve at their site TODAY [Cyber Monday].

This event will be caulking full of activities and contests. Even premiering the new EnterPlay Trading Card Game

Featuring holiday cabaret performances by LADY ARIA PHANTASY, YOURENIGMATENSHI NO AI MAIDS, and BRONIES-NYC’s own KEZZ and MULLET, among others!

Use coupon code CYBERMONDAY or VIPCYBERMONDAY when buying your tickets to receive a BAP pin, poster & pen with every ticket package!

Big Apple Ponycon Page 



January Solicitations are out! Here is the My Little Pony cover I worked out for Issue #15!! Get it in stores in January!! As you can tell I am very excited and so should you. :)

Lil’ Dynamite also comes out in January! Make sure to check out all my covers for the run and my full issue of Vampirella!

January is going to rock!

You are About to enter Twilight’s Zone.

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Well tomorrow is New York Comic Con and I’m confirming we are going. Though if we see anybody out there on the show floor of course showing proud pony swag, we will make sure that you get a really special card of approval from us. So if you got it, wear it!

What is the other option you can we will still be hiding out of the pony cards throughout the convention hall and you might even see some on the outside as well.

We all hope you enjoy your time at Comic-Con if you’re going, but if you’re not let me tell you it’s one of the biggest events to be at around this time of the season.


Now with only 12 days left till the event I will announce that one of our team will be coming to New York Comic Con. All four days should be enough time to spread our Pony word.

People/Things we will be seeing

  • Enterplay Booth #1664
  • Comics World #2826
  • Katie Cook - MLP IDW Comic
  • Jill Thompson - Scary God Mother
  • Sara Richard - MLP IDW Comic
  • Tony Fleeces - My Little Pony
  • David Steven Cohen - Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • R.L. Stine - Goosebumps
Photo Set

The Mane six Monopoly figure set. They came out to be very nice mold representation of the characters and they are even hand painted.

If you are interested in a Monopoly set you can check out it out on Amazon.


Hey here’s my print

Gaze into the eyes of your liberator, and fall deep into my Wondrous World of the Night.


Hey here’s my print

Gaze into the eyes of your liberator, and fall deep into my Wondrous World of the Night.

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